Rating of industrial sewing machines for any wallet

Rating of industrial sewing machines for any wallet

Each buyer wants to make the best choice by purchasing goods with optimal technical characteristics and reasonable prices. Industrial sewing machines, in this case, are no exception, because the budget for the purchase is usually limited, and you need to purchase the very machine that is suitable for all tasks and gives the best user experience. To facilitate your choice, we have compiled a rating from the top 3 industrial straight-line machines with different functionality and different wallet sizes. When compiling the rating, we took into account the opinion of mechanics, technologists, and seamstresses.

Models – Baoyu GT280M / Baoyu GT280H Purchase Budget – From $ 530

The Baoyu brand has recently appeared in American, rapidly breaking into the sewing park of all the leading sewing industries in the country. Particularly noteworthy are the sewing machines of the Baoyu GT280 series, which can be called revolutionary models in many respects – these are the world’s first computer stitch lines with a control panel implemented in the form of a touch display. It should be said that this is a very convenient solution, compared to the classic button control panel, which makes interaction with the sewing machine even easier. For example, selected functions and sewing settings are displayed in the form of pictograms on the display – such features are simply not available for keypads. In addition, due to the nesting of the menu, the choice of settings is much wider and it is no longer necessary to use obscure commands for hidden parameters. Both models have built-in servomotors and full automation. There is another useful feature: a built-in needle positioner, electronic thread take-up, LED-backlight, built-in bobbin winder, smooth start function, buttons for adding a stitch, and reverse. The straight lines of the Baoyu GT280 series also boast interesting technical solutions in the field of a passive air cooling system for electronic components and an advanced lubrication system with a closed oil sump.

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Models – Minerva M5550-1JDE / Minerva M818-1JDE Budget for the purchase – $ 390

The brand of industrial sewing machines Minerva has been present in our country for several years, continuing the glorious traditions of the once-existing Czechoslovak company, although now with Asian roots. Among the line of straight-line sewing machines of this brand, it is worth highlighting models with automatic thread trimming – Minerva M5550-1JDE for light and medium fabrics, Minerva M818-1JDE- for medium and heavy fabrics. For a relatively low price, you get a huge time saving, saving yourself from the routine manual thread trimming after the completion of each line. The trim function itself is also implemented very conveniently – thread trimming occurs when you press the foot pedal in the opposite direction. The straight lines of this series are also equipped with an energy-efficient servo motor, a needle positioner, an integrated bobbin winder, a button for adding a stitch,

Models – Typical GC 6150MD / Typical GC 6150HD Purchase Budget – $ 330

These straight lines from the Sino-German manufacturer have long established themselves at many sewing enterprises in Ukraine as unpretentious workhorses with good quality stitches and high responsiveness to various types of materials. The mechanics also like these models, thanks to the high-quality mechanical base they have inherited since the Typical partnership with the Japanese engineering company Brother – an increased number of bearings in the joints (therefore machines are better able to tolerate oil starvation and generally need a reduced amount of lubricant), the verified center distance shafts of the advance mechanism (wide possibilities for adjusting the gear rack stroke) and an improved thread balance system (stable stitch quality at different speeds). Sewing machines of this series are equipped with a built-in silent servo motor with a smooth start function. For the convenience of the seamstresses, there is also provided: a built-in needle positioner, a built-in bobbin winder, a button for adding a stitch, and LED-backlight.

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