How to sewing machine maintenance?

How to sewing machine maintenance

In general, sewing machine maintenance does not require great needs in terms of maintenance, but we should not neglect the performance of certain actions that will make the machine last for many years.

Obviously, it goes without saying, it is convenient that the accessories we use are of good quality so that we will avoid frequent breakages in said accessories and in the work we are doing. Thus, we will try to use good thread and good needles in our machines that give our work fluidity and stability.

Cleaning and Greasing

We recommend carrying out regular cleaning of your machine in order to promote the proper functioning of its moving parts, leaving these free of dust and lint.

For this, it is advisable to clean the bobbin and its shuttle. What we will do in this case is to raise the needle, remove the presser foot and remove the needle plate. Then we open the cover that houses the bobbin and extracts it by pulling the tab. The shuttle ring holder is opened and removed.

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Next, with a brush and a damp cloth, we clean all the dirty parts of the bobbin case as well as the gears of dust and lint. We can also use a compressed air spray to blow out the remains that we have not removed with the brush and cloth.

Once everything is clean, we will proceed to grease the machine, emphasizing the moving parts that suffer the most from friction. To spread the oil, we will start the machine, which will distribute the oil well through the gears. When we have finished we will remove the excess oil with a cloth and put the pieces back in place.

It is advisable to keep the machine covered with a cover in order to prevent it from getting dusty.

We leave you a video that explains very well everything that we have explained before about the maintenance of the sewing machine.

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