The story of refugees sewing clothes

The story of refugees sewing clothes

Two German women have opened a sewing clothes workshop where refugee girls can learn to sew and find work in Germany this way. In a small workshop in the Bornheim area of ​​Frankfurt, Germany Colorful clothes are on the shelves, and colorful sewing clothes roll on the wall A young refugee woman named Ezra leans over a large table in the middle, making a blouse from a cut paper pattern.

Sewing clothes and reaching specific goals

Like millions of other refugees, Ezra arrived in Germany in 2015 Ezra was studying fashion design in Damascus when Ezra’s family left Syria due to the pressure of the Syrian civil war. Ezra wants to learn fashion design again in Germany, but for that, he needs to master the German language Along with language learning, he is practicing sewing clothes machines this is his first job in Germany.

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“Stitch by Stitch”

Claudia Frick is a seamstress by profession, meaning she knows to tailor; His partner Niki von Alfensleben is a graphic designer Together, the two have created this sewing clothes workshop, called “Stitch by Stitch” – one stitch at a time. “We thought, what can we do (for the refugees),” said Claudia Her dream is that one day the girls in her workshop will be able to open their own tailoring shops

Nikki recounted how proud Ezra’s father was when Ezra was taken; Photographed with a mobile phone, and how his youngest daughter was the first to get a job in Germany, surpassing the family allowance, and started sewing clothes working.

Reflection of experience

The story of refugees sewing clothes
The story of refugees sewing clothes

But Nicky and Claudia still have some obstacles in front of them Both women have long experience running their own sewing clothes businesses, But stitch by stitch is a whole new challenge – especially when dealing with immigration government bureaucrats. On one side is the Federal Employment Office, and on the other is the Foreign-Expatriate Registration Office There is no way to advance one more step if any official is sitting somewhere But everywhere they got sympathy and support, said Niki

Peace of mind

Not only the horrors of the war, but the hardships refugees have had to go through to get to Europe are no less horrific – that experience has left its mark. So the two friends hope that these refugee girls will come to the Stitch by Stitch sewing clothes workshop and get a calm, beautiful, humane environment.

Increases mental calmness and morale

For now, they are not making any financial profit from the workshop, but the two hopes to design sewing clothes for small German fashion labels eventually. Some local fashion companies have already shown interest, primarily as they work wiki with refugees Dream of the future? Four more seamstresses like Ezra by the end of the year than opened branches in other German cities…

Is there an end to dreams?

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