How to choose a carpet for a new home sewing machine?

How to choose a carpet for a new home sewing machine

Clocks for the new home sewing machine belong to a group of devices that combine the functions of a sewing machine and an overlock. Among their main advantages is the ability to perform a large number of operations, including grinding of parts, processing of joints and their trimming. But there are still some drawbacks to carpet covers for home use – not every tailor can cope with them. Therefore, it is better for beginners to learn how to perform simple operations on ordinary sewing machines, and only after acquiring basic skills can you buy a carpet.

The difference of a carpet from other devices for sewing

Before choosing a carpet new home sewing machine, it is important to understand the features of this device and its difference from other sewing tools. The functional potential of the sewing machine is quite limited, so its use may be more difficult as beginners grow in skill. You cannot say about the carpet – a device that combines the functions of a sewing machine and an overlock. The first is designed to process different types of materials. Its features include tucking in the edges of the trousers, creating loops or stitching back to back parts, processing the edges of skirts or sleeves.

Overlock has more options. Thanks to him, you can embroider different patterns, grind product details, process the edges of different fabrics with the help of original patterns. In the house, an overlock is also useful to those who want to learn how to work with unpredictable materials – thin knitwear, delicate silk or heavy crumbling fabrics.

Overlock should also be purchased for those who seek not only to embroider and stitch details but also to correctly process seams. A special device inside the overlock allows you to simultaneously trim the edges of the fabric’s new home sewing machine and process them, preventing shedding.

Which carpet is best to buy for beginners depends on the needs and desire to master the sewing skills. A high-quality device combines the functions of both an overlock and a sewing machine. There are a number of additional new home sewing machine operations that are not available for the overlock, but they can be learned to do with the help of a carpet. These include flat seams.

For fastening parts in the carpet, there is a chain two-thread stitch (from the inside the seam looks like a pigtail).

Advantages and disadvantages of devices

How to choose the right device: for starters – decide on goals and desires. If there is a question about performing several operations and there is no goal to create original new home sewing machine patterns and details, there is no point in buying a carpet. This item can be attributed to the disadvantages of the devices. Among the latter is the need for minimal experience with sewing machines. For beginners who first sit down at the sewing machine, it will be difficult to master the carpet.

As for the use of carpet by experienced craftsmen, not all needs can be met. For example, new home sewing machine, very complex operations are not available to carpet makers. No matter how varied the seamstress’s skills, even on an expensive carpet it is impossible to sew in a zigzag, herringbone, and also to stitch loops. For these purposes, you will have to purchase a sewing machine.

But this does not mean that a good new home sewing machine can replace the carpet. The latter in some aspects is much more convenient. For example, the length of the extension of the sleeve is longer than that of the overcasting devices. Some trim levels include knives for hemming and other accessories for working with different types of materials.

The chain stitch in the carpet is made thanks to the looper (in household sewing machines, the bobbin is responsible for this function). If necessary, you can set different types of needles depending on the quality and texture of the fabric.

Professional and household carpet covers

Professional and new home sewing machine household models differ in cost, a number of operations and the availability of additional accessories. No matter how many operations are available on the carpet, not all of them are useful for home use. Most beginner tailors need only three to five operations that are performed regularly. The rest – by necessity.

Most professional models provide not only the ability to overcast the edges of materials but also the implementation of the original stitches and patterns from them.

In household devices of economy class, different types of threads are attached, which are used for overcasting, new home sewing machines both light materials and medium-density fabrics. If you need to overcast the edges of expensive material, neither ordinary household nor professionals can cope. A narrowly specialized device is purchased for this purpose.

If the idea of ​​exactly how the sewing device will be used is vague, it is better to give preference to an aggregate that is able to work with seams at a depth of 9 mm. The differential option is also useful, allowing you to work with both knitwear and elastic fabrics, for example, when sewing swimsuits.

Coverlock for new home sewing machine will come in handy for craftswomen who have basic skills in working with a piece of sewing equipment but plan to learn more.

Using the carpet, you can create stitches that use 2 to 5 threads. This function is useful when sewing sports and knitwear that can stretch.

Criteria of choice

Among the most important criteria for choosing a carpet for home use:

  • the country of manufacture of new home sewing machines. The highest quality models are produced by European brands, Japanese and American firms. One of the most reliable suppliers of sewing equipment are Bernina, Janome, Pfaff, Brother, Merrylock;
  • threading methods. The less time and effort is spent on threading, the more quality a sewing device is considered. The ideal option is an automatic needle threader. The latter may be mechanical or pneumatic. If there is no automatic needle threader, choose a model in which these details are clearly visible;
  • thread tension control. Threads can be pulled manually or automatically. The last option is provided in professional carpet makers designed for large new home sewing machine -scale production. It is also more convenient for beginners to work with this option in order to spend less time preparing sewing equipment and to be sure of the accuracy of the results. If you have basic skills in working with sewing units, you can save a little by giving preference to a budget device. In the latter, the tensioners are located on the external panel of the device. If you already purchase such a device, then only if the tensioners are on the same line;
  • separation conveyor. You can do without it when working with a limited amount of materials. But for thin, tensile materials, it is indispensable. The device looks like two dividing rails, which are located in front of and behind the working needles. During sewing the product, the slats change the degree of fabric tension. The new home sewing machine device can be used to create original parts – wavy edges, frills, ruffles;
  • Usually, it is on the upper looper and allows you to make durable two-thread stitches;
  • performance and power. The higher they are, the more expensive the device, faster and better work will be done. High speed is considered to be from 1200 stitches in 60 seconds;
  • control panel and display. It is more convenient when all operations and their conditions are set on the display, rather than manually adjusted during sewing. This allows you to minimize time costs.

Minor details

Not all functions and accessories for the new home sewing machine of the carpet are vital. For example, a litter box is not useful to everyone. Another thing is additional needles of the desired number, needle threaders, paws for universal seams, sewing and performing decorative elements, sewing on braid, and fur trim.

For an experienced seamstress, some functions of carpet makers may not be needed, as they are offset by sufficient work experience or the lack of the need to work with large volumes of production. Among them are colored pointers, thanks to which it is easier to distinguish between threads and easier to insert them.

It is not necessary to purchase an additional new home sewing machine table for the sleeves. It is convenient to work with it if the fabric is dimensional and dense. In other cases, you can limit yourself to the transforming working field, which all models of carpet holders are equipped with.

Carpet threads

They should be elastic, but not thick. So cotton or thick wool will not work. When working with thin, elastic fabrics, such threads will be useless.

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Review of the best models

Among the most popular models are the following:

  • Brother 4234D. It will cost about 10,000 rubles. Among the benefits are automatic needle and looper refills. The power of the unit is 70 watts, the speed is 1300 stitches per minute. The device weighs 6 kg.
  • The expert reviews are positive since the new home sewing machine model is fast and almost silent. Among the shortcomings, tailors call the lack of a display and the instability of the thread holder.
  • BERNINA 1300MDC. The unit has 24 operations and the ability to work with almost any type of tissue. The width of the stitch is 10 mm, the length is 1-4 mm.
  • Experts note the smooth operation, low energy costs and the ability to work with different materials and threads. But you can purchase the unit in a limited number of stores and at a high price.
  • BABYLOCK EVOLUTION BLE8W 2. Convenient, since almost all operations (50 of them) are performed automatically. You can work on it quickly and efficiently, without spending too much time setting up. Some tailors emphasize the absence of additional pairs of legs and some inaccuracies in the instructions.
  • JUKI MO 735. Suitable for a novice sailor who wants to get a quality unit at an affordable price. It is convenient for new home sewing machine use, as it works quietly, the details simply and quickly change, you do not need to put a lot of effort when you press the pedal. But due to the lack of automation, switching from one type of operation to another is problematic.

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