My Sewing

There are many problems with the design of the neck of the garment. For example, when the design of the garment is finished, it is seen that the size of the garment neck does not cover the head with the neck of the garment.

After designing the neckline of this dress, the collar has been cut on the pitch and the chain has been given to the pitch. There is no problem in ducats body. Most of the chains are used in the clothes of the girls whose clothes are more fitting.

There are some sizes of chains on clothes. The rule of chaining clothes is 15-16 inches from the shoulder to the bottom of the shirt. The length of the chain is the same as the length of a chain. A chain is usually about 14 inches long.

Most of the half chains are used in the garments that have collars on the backs of the garments. The half chains are usually about 6-7 inches.

There are many types of chains. Normal chains, inverted chains, steel chains, gauze chains, jacket chains. In this way, it is much better to wear the most upside-down chain for use in ordinary clothes. It doesn’t work. Only the place of the chain looks like a joint. Not all tailors can put upside-down chains.

There are also advantages and disadvantages of wearing a chain on a garment. If the chain is not of good quality when the chain is attached to the garment, then many times the chain breaks after wearing the, wearing the garment.