Why buy an industrial sewing machine?

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If you are thinking about industrial sewing machine knitwear and started to look for the necessary sewing equipment, then you probably already know that the sewing machines can be both domestic and industrial, which adds additional uncertainty to the question of choosing equipment, because in addition to this, you also need to decide on the model and brand. In this article, we will try to make your choice easier by arguing for the purchase of an industrial stitching machine.

An industrial sewing machine

First of all, it should be immediately understood that when working on any non-automated industrial sewing machine equipment, a lot depends on the qualification of the seamstress, so if someone was unable to make friends with a household sewing machine, then with the acquisition of prom a the situation will not fundamentally change. You need to get used to any car, everything comes only with time and experience.

Nevertheless, getting good results on an industrial sewing machine flat-panel machine is much easier, and there are a number of reasons. Firstly, industrial models are an order of magnitude more productive: if household binder has a maximum sewing speed of up to 1200 st / min, then it is all wet at 5000 sets/min and even higher. That is, the potential effectiveness of the industrial binder is 4-5 times higher! Secondly, all industrial sewing machine models are equipped not only with the lower loopier but also with the upper thread stacker, which allows you to make decorative seams with top cover when sewing sports and children’s clothing.

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This opportunity will allow you to expand the range of sewn products and improve their aesthetic presentation. Industrial sewing machine models also have wider adjustments of loop-forming organs and various small “buns”, such as a foot with a removable adjustable guide, which greatly simplifies life when opening overclock seams. Thirdly, industrial models are equipped with powerful servomotors, which give them the opportunity to work with such dense knitted fabrics as interlock and fleece.

Household sewing machines

Household industrial sewing machines with similar heavy materials usually have problems with moving under the needle and the passage of transverse seams. Moreover, these motors have such a useful option as a smooth start function and the ability to accurately set the engine speed.  As for the maintenance of industrial protection, here, too, everything is pretty straightforward.

Given all these advantages and a rather small difference in price between branded household shirts and budget industrial sewing machine models wiki, the choice becomes obvious if you are set to professionally sew knitwear and do it as quickly as possible. A couple of tips on models: for the workshop and atelier – Baoyu BML-500D, for the sewing workshop – Jack W4-D-01GB.

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