On what sites to sell handmade garments?

On what sites to sell handmade garments

Over the past ten years, America has regularly been among the top ten countries in the world with the fastest-growing market for handmade garments products. The growth dynamics is also impressive – the annual increase in sales is estimated at 31.7%. At the same time, the consumption of American handmade goods is growing both in the domestic and foreign markets. This is largely due to the fact that the emphasis on hand-made products is gradually shifting from purely decorative to the practical plane. More and more of these products are used in everyday life, as a more exclusive replacement for mass-produced goods. Today, the most popular hand-made products are clothes, bags, goods for children, jewelry, accessories, and interior items.

Sell handmade garments

The rules of the game are also changing. If before you were looking for the target audience of handmade products at various fairs, festivals, exhibitions or simply among your friends, today hand-made has become a sought-after niche in electronic commerce and is developing using all the capabilities of modern Internet technologies. Now almost everyone can monetize their skills and talents by running a successful business without leaving the workshop. Let’s see what kind of trading floors these are, where hand-made products are snapped up like hotcakes.


The most popular marketplace in the world for exclusive and handmade products, with just a huge active audience of buyers of 60 million customers. On the site, you can also find quite a few products that do not quite belong to the handmade format, but at the same time, they have a certain amount of creativity. These, for example, include “standard” textile products decorated with embroidery and beads. Despite the considerable competition, sellers from Ukraine share together with Germany the third and fourth places in sales of goods on this platform, second only to Great Britain and France. This fact once again perfectly demonstrates the potential of the Ukrainian hand-made. As for the “money issues” – the first 40 products can be added completely free of charge, for each subsequent product you will need to pay 0.50 cents.

Amazon –

The world’s largest online auction, which presents more than one billion different products, including hand-made products. The audience of active service buyers is estimated at 180 million customers from all over the world, and annual sales are incredible 88 billion dollars. The auction allows you to place 50 product listing ads per month for free. This is more than enough to get started. When publishing lots over the limit, you will have to pay 0.35 dollars for each. Experienced sellers eventually open their stores on the site, where payment is charged for the entire package of services. For stores, the service offers five tariff plans: “Initial” – 5-8 dollars per month, “Basic” – 22-28 dollars per month, Premium – 60-75 dollars per month, “Anchor” – 300-350 dollars per month and “Enterprise” – 3 thousand dollars a year. The more expensive the plan, the more free publications, and various “goodies” it includes. In addition to the fee for exhibiting products, eBay takes a commission from each lot sold. Its size in the vast majority of cases is 10% of the value of the goods, however, it cannot exceed the amount of $ 750 per month.

Craft is one of the largest Ukrainian sites for the sale of copyrighted handmade products and collectibles, with more than two million visitors per month. Utility and original things are most in-demand at the site – bags, wallets, jewelry, children’s toys, clothes, and shoes, as well as home decor. In the context of the trend for natural materials, more than half of the products presented are made of genuine leather or wood. To sell their products on Craft, any master can create an account store and add an unlimited number of products for free. The commission on the sale is 10%.

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Facebook and Instagram-

at the moment they do not provide full-fledged opportunities for e-commerce with placing an order through the basket and accepting online payments, but this does not negate the fact that many hand-made masters successfully use these sites as a showcase for their products and communication with potential customers, whom here is undoubtedly not small. For both social networks, it is possible to create business pages that allow you to download photos of products as goods, for free and without restrictions, add brief descriptions and even ask them the price. Next, you can specify the contact details and configure the chat. It should be understood that business pages, even well-designed ones, by themselves do not generate traffic since they almost do not appear in Google’s search results, and the search within the social networks themselves is not the most practical and used. Therefore, to attract potential buyers to your page with goods, one way or another you will need to resort to the use of advertising. Whether it’s internal service advertising or promotion from any interesting bloggers.

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