Finer points of choice for industrial embroidery machines

Finer points of choice for industrial embroidery machine

Single-head embroidery machines are used mainly by experienced tailors, as they allow you to make original patterns on any material. If in some household sewing machines it is possible to embroider one or two patterns, then in specialized embroidery such as “Brother” there can be a dozen of these operations. The most convenient to use are embroidery machines with a display on which embroidery parameters are set.

Characteristics and functions of embroidery machines

Embroidery machines are considered highly specialized sewing equipment, as they are intended exclusively for creating original patterns and patterns of different sizes. How to buy an industrial sewing machine for you needed?

There are two types of embroidery machines: industrial and domestic.

Industrial embroidery machines have a large hoop. As a rule, in such machines, several heads are installed in order to simultaneously embroider on two or more products. In terms of speed, this equipment is significantly superior to domestic. This effect is achieved due to a larger number of needles (there can be from 1 to 24).

In more expensive and modern models, several document formats (files) are used during the operation, on which embroidery parameters are set. The most convenient to use are considered computerized models in which all settings are manually set on an electronic display. During operation, you do not need to manually change the threads and needles. This saves time and effort, and also saves you from making mistakes during thread color changes and pattern shifting.

Some industrial embroidery machines may use special formatted floppy disks.

Household embroidery machines have fewer options, and they work more slowly. Professional tailors working at home, or small ateliers, resort to their help. In terms of functional potential, they are inferior in speed and power, however, the embroidery quality of such equipment is the same as that of industrial models. The only caveat – when working with large orders, you will have to take regular breaks so that the motor does not overheat. But even if the power of a household machine is high, its performance is significantly inferior to industrial. The latter provides for the possibility of parallel execution of drawings on several products.

Specificity and purpose of industrial embroidery machines

There is another classification. It includes monogrammed machines, such as Brother NV90E, Brother NV 750 and sewing, and embroidery machines, for example, Brother NV 4000, BROTHER INNOV – IS I, BERNINA ARTISTA 830.

Monograms include sewing machines in which a small hoop is installed. They are easy to control, changing the size and location, the speed of rotation of the hoop. You can also add labels manually (this does not require a computer).

Such equipment is used when embroidering small logos, monograms, and small patterns. Such units are embroidered from 400 to 800 stitches per minute.

Criteria of choice

When choosing an embroidery machine, it is important to consider the tasks of production. Depending on this, you need to pay attention to such technical characteristics of the equipment:

  • Hoop size. On most models, several hoop options may be included. Always pay attention to how difficult it is to buy a hoop for a particular model and whether it is possible to replace them manually without special skills. Small hoops are used when processing the edges of pockets. Large ones are continuous and permutable. The first ones provide embroidery of the whole pattern in one pass (you will not need to dock the pattern and change colors during embroidery). Permanent hoops have more features, but it’s more difficult to work with them. If the embroidery mode is set automatically on the display, there are fewer problems. If for this you have to thread the thread manually, you may be mistaken when doing the drawing.
  • Stitch Speed

The average speed is 400-800 stitches per minute. It depends on the length of the stitch: the smaller the more stitches the equipment can execute. On average, approximately 5,000-20,000 stitches are consumed per pattern. The final price of the product depends on this quantity. The average dimensions are considered embroidery parameters 100 x 100 mm. For such a pattern, changing the bobbin with threads during embroidery will have to be done only once. If you plan to work with more complex patterns, for example, embroidery with non-sewn sections of fabric, there will be fewer stitches, but the pattern itself will take up more space. These types of patterns are relevant for bedding, wedding, and evening toilets.

Working on the hoop is fraught with great risk. Especially if embroidery needs to be done on the finished product.

  • File format. These documents are used in computerized equipment and allow you to create unique drawings. Most often, special embroidery cards are used in production. But note that when choosing such equipment, it is advisable to buy a card exclusively from the same manufacturer. Alternatively, cards made using special devices can be used. Such cards can be read by any embroidery machines (the most popular are Magic Box, PES2CARD). If there is no card, you can transfer the file to the embroidery machine using a special cable and software. But this is inconvenient, since the cables are small, so the desktop computer and the machine should be located as close to each other as possible.

Easy to use machines that read flash drives. File extensions can be different: BROTHER (pes), HUSQVARNA (hus), PFAFF (pcs), TAJIMA (DST).

  • Internal editing. You can change the picture in two ways: on the electronic display or manually directly in the car. The last option has a number of limitations since you have to count the number of stitches several times, combine samples, check the overall composition. The risk of making mistakes and ruining the work done is high.
  • Payback period. The economic efficiency of the equipment depends on it. When buying several machines, it is important that one person can service them, the quality of the sewing products did not differ, the speed of embroidery was the same.

The best manufacturers of industrial embroidery machines

Embroidery machines from Japanese, American, and European manufacturers are considered the best on the market. However, experts emphasize that even Chinese cars can serve for a long time and efficiently. For small production, you can purchase Chinese equipment. If the task is to sew a large number of products, meeting deadlines, it is better to give preference to Japanese and European.

Rating of the best embroidery machines

One of the best, according to the customer and expert reviews, are such embroidery machines:

  • BERNINA ARTISTA 830. Belongs to the class of sewing and embroidery complexes equipped with a color display. Files can be downloaded via cable and CD-ROM (need a special format). The machine is equipped with an internal editing function (the hoop can be rotated, moved, resized after counting stitches). You can use special embroidery cards.
  • Brother INNOV IS 4000. Files are downloaded via USB-port without special software in the formats (* .pes, * .dst (version 3.0). The maximum hoop size is 300 x 180 mm. There are 4 of them in the set (you can rotate, move, change size). The machine sews 1000 stitches per minute.

Expert advice

Experts recommend paying attention to the placement of the shuttle. For example, in machines with embroidery from the manufacturer Pfaff, a horizontal shuttle is installed, and in machines from the Bernina trademark, it is placed vertically. The latter is considered more powerful. However, the reviews on the forums indicate that a horizontal shuttle is more convenient to refuel and more reliable (vertical ones are usually equipped with plastic parts, but if necessary, they can always be replaced with spare parts that come with the embroidery machine).

If the experience of embroidering on a machine is small or absent, it is better to choose an automated model. All embroidery parameters, for example, in industrial embroidery machines from the Tajima trademark, are set on a computer display. During embroidery, you don’t need to stop and change the pattern to switch from one color to another. This saves both time and effort. Computerized machines are considered more reliable, as they break less often (a fuse is provided in the device). If something goes wrong during the drawing, the device will immediately respond and tell you (on mechanical machines, the error can be detected much later).

Customer reviews

An industrial embroidery machine is considered to be of high quality, depending on how many hoops can fit in its design. Most models provide the possibility of self-installation of the hoop, depending on the needs. But their total number is limited.

According to members of the forum, among the embroidery machines, industrial machines with a hoop size of 36 × 30 (× 20) are considered the most professional. The embroidery machine Pfaff Creative Sensation – 36 × 30 (× 20) is equipped with just such. If you have to deal with smaller embroidery, you can buy an additional hoop. But buyers do not recommend taking embroidery hoops 10 × 10 in size since their functional potential is limited (it is convenient to embroider mainly logos and small patterns on them).

Brother and Tajima embroidery machines allow you to make large designs.

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