Do we know what a buttonhole sewing machine is and why?

How to make a buttonhole with the sewing machine

The buttonhole sewing machine is a hole in the fabric through a cut and is used for a button to pass through. It is very practical because it prevents the cut from fraying and reinforces the fabric so that it does not deform.

In this article, we are going to explain how to make a buttonhole with a sewing machine.

Buttonhole sewing machine

Making a buttonhole sewing machine is not a task that, a priori, is very easy. That is why it is convenient to practice on remnants as many times as possible until we obtain good results.

To begin with, we can make a mark with chalk or with any other element that is easily erased, which will serve as a guide to mark the position and length of the buttonhole on the fabric. It is recommended that the buttonhole sewing machine measures a few centimeters more than the button so that the fabric is not forced when passing it.

Make buttonhole

Once we are clear about where we are going to make the buttonholes, we will place the specific presser foot for making buttonholes and we will adjust it with the arrow or red lines to the left.

At this point, we should know that in most conventional sewing machines buttonhole sewing machines are made in four steps. We recommend starting with the top seam because it allows us to know more reliably when to stop when sewing the sides.

We then start the top sewing of the buttonhole. To do this, we place the needle centered on the upper part of the mark we have made, under the presser foot, and make a few stitches, not many, with about 7 or 8 stitches that will suffice.

For many sewing machines, we may sometimes be slow to pick up the original. If we know the details about industrial overcasting machines then, of course, we can get knowledge from here also.

 Proceed sewing machine

We proceed to sew the left side of the buttonhole sewing machine. To do this we raise the needle, change to the left stitch, and sew until the end of the mark.

Next, we sew the bottom side of the buttonhole sewing machine. We raise the needle again, switch to the bottom stitch position and make another 7 or 8 stitches, the same as above.

Last words

Finally, we will sew the right side. We will raise the needle again, place the right stitch position and sew to the end.

Once we have sewn the buttonhole, we will proceed to make the opening with the seam ripper from one side to the other of the seam. If you don’t have a seam ripper you can use scissors.

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