Best tailor sewing scissors and accurate cutting fabric

Best tailor sewing scissors and accurate cutting fabric

A good pair of sewing scissors is simply necessary for both an experienced tailor and a beginning seamstress because it is with the cutting that the work on creating the future finished product begins. It doesn’t matter if you assemble a three-piece suit, a laptop case or even a wedding dress; you can’t do without professional tailor scissors. A high-quality cutting tool will help you quickly cut pieces of fabric into decks and accurately cut individual parts of the cut.

Tailor sewing scissors

The most distinctive feature of the tailor’s sewing scissors is the angle of the handle. Side bending makes it possible to cut along the surface of the cutting table without lifting the fabric, which allows you to get a more accurate cut. Tailor scissors also have asymmetric rounded handles – a small ring for the thumb and a large ring for the other four fingers. This design of the handles allows you to fix the wrist during the cut and apply the entire effort to the muscles of the flexors and extensors of the hand and forearm, unlike universal sewing scissors, where the muscles and tendons of just a few fingers are involved. What is still characteristic of tailor’s scissors – they are always equipped with a travel stop, which is usually located on the small ring of the handle. This is necessary to protect the connecting axial screw from excessive load.

Traditionally, tailor’s sewing scissors are made entirely of metal, but as a result of technological changes, models with plastic handles also appeared. However, preference should still be given to all-metal scissors, because such models are better balanced and their center of gravity practically coincides with the geometric center. In this case, weight is also of great importance, since it allows the scissors themselves to do part of the work for you when, in the process of cutting fabric, you bring the blades together with less effort.

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Tailor models

Unlike office scissors, tailor models have an effective cutting edge along the entire length of the blade, to the very tips, while the blade blades are much wider, which is necessary for the possibility of re-sharpening. However, really good tailor sewing scissors can easily do without sharpening the blade for up to one and a half years, even with regular use in the workshop – the main thing is not to drop the scissors and put the tool on the surface only when closed. Some models of scissors for cutters can also be equipped with a removable side stop, which is mounted on an axial screw and allows you to fix the scissors in a vertical position on a horizontal plane, in order to avoid contact of the cutting edge with the surface.

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