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I made this Walmart or chair cover with my own hands that are rarely heard nowadays. Let’s go back to the past. My grandmother’s next afternoon companion was sewing tools and storybooks. Nowadays we wander less between the two. Although there is no hobby sewing or leisure sewing, there is still a need for sewing. So the sewing equipment should be kept in such a way that it is easily available when needed.

Put in the box

A conveniently sized box is needed to organize the sewing equipment. There may be plastic boxes, there may be cartons. The Department of Textiles and Weaving at the College of Home Economics in Dhaka said it should be kept in a place where it is easily available during work hours. Not in humid places, as there is a risk of fungal infection. Keep out of reach of children. Children may hit the box equipment when they try to move the box out of curiosity. At the end of the work, but all the tools are back in place. Then you will find it easily again next time. If used regularly, dust does not accumulate in the sewing box.

Which will be in the box

You have to keep small and big needles and different colored yarns. Small and thin needles are needed for these tasks, while heavy needles are needed for sewing Katha. Maybe sew plastic or cane rugs. At that time also large and thick needles will be needed, so that thick yarn can be worn. Also keep different types of scissors. You can cut yarn with small scissors, cloth with big scissors. Also, keep zigzag scissors, buttonhole scissors, sewing opening scissors. You can also put a sewing needle. Keep yard ribbons and scales for size. You can keep chalk and pencils of different colors for staining. Rubber can be used to wipe pencil stains. You can put carbon paper, tracing paper to make the design. Place buttons, tip buttons, and hooks. Also, keep alpine. Alpine will be useful to keep the two layers of fabric made of synthetic fiber even, said Mahmud Akhter.

You can keep a drawing stick, it will be useful to fix the shape of Punjabi or a shirt. The collar of the shirt or the bottom of the pajamas can be kept heavy to make it heavy. It is better to have a frame and a finger cap for hand sewing. You can buy a steel hat, or you can make a hat that is a little heavier with a cloth.

Some more for sewing

Many people still have sewing machines in their homes. Sewing machines can be operated by hand or on foot. Or electric. Sewing can be done quickly and easily on foot machines and electric machines. When sewing on these two, it is possible to fold the cloth evenly with both hands, do it back and forth and sew. The machine box can hold a bobbin case and some yarn. You can put an extra cloth cover on the cover of the sewing machine. You can make this cover yourself. It can be washed and cleaned as needed. Ironing is required for sewing clothes, sewing, etc. Even if you want to put a sticker or something like that, you need an iron. So keep the iron tidy. You can also buy a separate table to use it.