Best selection and delivery of sewing equipment

Best selection and delivery of sewing equipment

Each owner of the business at least once in his life faced the task of equipping the production with industrial sewing equipment. This is no easy task – stress for anyone. A lot of questions immediately begin to swarm in my head: what equipment is needed? which supplier to work with? which brand to choose? how to balance the price and quality and invest in the budget? We think this is familiar to many. But all this will seem like flowers as soon as you encounter the need to automate labor-intensive sewing operations or the need for equipment with specific characteristics that are different from standard factory modifications. Let’s explain why.

Sewing equipment assortment

Most of the assortment of sewing equipment on our market is a fairly versatile machine designed for a minimum level of specialization. In this case, the question of choice is reduced only to the desired quality of the equipment. For example, you are likely to be able to easily purchase a computer tacking machine under a standard direct tack, if necessary. But if you need a locking mechanism to make the eye on the cap, and even with the cutting of the material, you will immediately encounter a search problem. Such equipment only occasionally falls into the warehouse in piece quantities and often is generally made only on order. The situation is similar to embroidery machines., if you say, need a non-standard size of the working field or the ability to go to the next head for seamless embroidery of designs.

Supply sewing equipment

In this situation, you can not do without a professional supplier of sewing equipment with experience in China. The difficulty here is also in the fact that the sewing industry of the Celestial Empire is a complex tangle of direct manufacturers and all kinds of resellers. To understand who is who, in fact, we needed to visit more than one Shanghai exhibition and more than one factory. At the moment, we work as distributors only with trusted manufacturers, so we have exclusive prices for products and access to advanced technical documentation. We also carry out the selection of embroidery equipment and special sewing equipment according to the specification or sewing technology. We deliver the goods to Ukraine and deal with its customs clearance. Followed by a notice that for a long time we have been cooperating with a large international logistics company at special rates. This is another factor in reduced equipment costs for our customers.

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As for delivery, it all depends on how urgently you need to get the equipment. We offer all clients three options:

 Option # 1 . Perhaps the longest, but certainly the freest. When forming our own factory order, we include the product you are interested in in the general list. The order is shipped in a separate sea container on schedule.

–  Option # 2 . Faster, but already paid. We make a separate order for the factory. Your goods are dispatched on the first associated shipping container.

–  Option # 3 . The fastest. We make a separate order for the factory. Your goods are sent on a flight with the first passing air cargo board. Delivery costs up to ten days. If you have an urgent order in a million, this option of delivery will be justified.

Last word

What is the bottom line? As you can see, we take care of all issues with the selection and delivery of equipment. By working with us you get up to 20% savings on the retail cost of similar equipment on the market and the ability to quickly close the need for the necessary sewing equipment. The price of goods also includes delivery in Ukraine, installation, and commissioning. Before ordering a factory, advance payment is made in the amount of 50% of the cost of the goods, the remaining amount is paid by the customer upon arrival in Ukraine.

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